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PowerX Water + Monthly Subscription

$4.90 Per month (monthly payment starts once PowerX has shipped) and a $29.00 initial price

Ships in 12-16 weeks
50% Pre-Order Kickstarter discount - risk-free, cancel anytime

PowerX Water is the first non-invasive water metering device of its kind. Our patented ultrasound technology is able to read water signatures within your pipes to determine which appliances and water outlets are running in your home, and more importantly, which ones are running inefficiently. Our installation process makes it possible for YOU to easily install this water monitor and requires no structural adjustments to your current pipe system. In addition to these benefits, PowerX’s system utilizes a LoRa network instead of WiFi to connect to your app, meaning you no longer have to worry about a weak WiFi signal in your basement that prevents your device from transmitting the information you are interested in. Detect leaks in real-time, identify and monitor water use through different outlets, and receive tailored water-saving tips for your household with PowerX.

  • PowerX Hub unit
  • PowerX Water and Ultrasound unit
  • Android and iOS app
  • Web Dashboard
  • Temperature sensors
  • Wall and Pipe Mount
  • 2 Power cables

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You will receive two devices, the PowerX Water Usage Controller and the PowerX Hub, which makes connecting to your Wifi a breeze (even if you have no Wifi in your basement)

PowerX Water

  • Attaches to your home’s main water pipe non-invasively
  • Monitors water flow and shows comprehensive data on your personalized dashboard in the PowerX App, allowing you to identify your water use and utility bill in comparison to your neighbors.
  • Discover specific information surrounding the different outlets that use water in your home (e.g. shower, pool, kitchen sink)
  • Receive tailored saving tips (e.g. use aerators for your faucets as your faucets use 90% more water than comparable families)
  • Automatic water leak detection for your entire home
  • Set goals surrounding your utility savings and get informed when you meet then through the PowerX App
  • Monitors the quality of your current home’s water pipes
  • PowerX Water is battery powered for up to 5 years, removing your reliance on electricity to power this monitor.
  • Quick, DIY, plug-and-play installation
  • Our new, and non-invasive silicone epoxy couples the ultrasound senor to your pipe for fast installation that requires no maintenance. Other sensors on the market require a lubricant to couple that requires yearly upkeep.
  • Works with all residential pipe sizes and pipe materials

PowerX Hub

  • Wifi, LAN and LoRa connectivity
  • Connects PowerX Sensors to Internet
  • Can send and receive data to up to one mile (this means there is no problem if sensors are placed in the basement and there is no internet)
  • Small and well designed form factor with blue LED PowerX logo
  • USB powered
  • Plug-and-play


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