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PowerX Heat + Lifetime Access

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Gain control over your heater like never before with PowerX Heat. Our patent-pending AI technology learns the preferred water temperature and use a schedule of your home, and automatically adjusts your current water heater to make it run more efficiently. PowerX Heat is compatible with both gas and electric water heaters, and its non-invasive installation process makes at-home installation a breeze. Stop wasting energy, save cost on your utility bill, and lessen your carbon footprint with PowerX Heat.

  • Android and iOS app
  • Web Dashboard
  • Hub unit
  • PowerX Heat unit
  • Temperature sensors
  • Water Heater connector cable
  • Wall and Pipe Mount
  • 2 Power cables
Compatible (not included)
  • Water leak cable
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You will receive two devices, the PowerX Water Heater Controller and the PowerX Hub, which makes connecting to your Wifi
a breeze (even if you have no Wifi in your basement)

PowerX Heat

  • Attaches to your home’s current water heater (both gas and electric)
  • Monitors your water heater usage and receive comprehensive data through the app dashboard (energy, cost
    and CO2 used and saved, comparison to neighbours and best in class)
  • AI technology identifies different appliances that use heated water (e.g. shower vs faucet)
  • Saves cost and CO2 through optimization and vacation shutoff
  • Optimize your water heater’s performance (improved cycle time, improved cutoff temperatures through machine
  • Automatic (vacation) shutoff
  • Set and get informed about goals
  • Identifies water heater maintenance needs
  • Detect leaks in your water heater in real-time and prevent potential from occurring.
  • Works without electricity outlet (battery powered for up to 5 years) or uses electricity of water heater
  • Can be used for grid load balancing
  • DIY, quick, near plug-and-play installation

PowerX Hub

  • Wifi, LAN and LoRa connectivity
  • Connects PowerX Sensors to an easy-to-use app
  • Can send and receive data to up to one mile (so no problem if sensors are in the basement and there is no
  • Small and well-designed form factor with blue LED PowerX logo
  • USB powered
  • Plug-and-play


  • Electric water heaters
  • Gas water heaters that have electronic ignition controls, for example:

    Not Compatible

  • Gas water heaters with mechanical/old-style controls:
  • Tankless/instantaneous water heaters
  • Heat pumps
  • Water heaters that are boiler-fed

Additional information

Select water heater type

Electric, Gas, Gas Power-Vented (uses gas and has an electric plug)

PowerX Heat + Lifetime Access

3 Reviews
  1. I’m just such a huge fan of PowerX! Installed the PowerX Heat on my gas heater within 5 minutes and it saves me triple the amount I pay for it every month! And then it also shows me what’s going on in my home, when my showers and appliances are running. Just fantastic!!!

    Andrew N.

  2. PowerX is super cool! It was easy to install (and I’m not really good at electronics) and it helped me see what I was spending water on, and how to save.


  3. At first I wasn’t sure if I could install PowerX Heat alone on my electric heater, but it was really as easy as promised. I love it!


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