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PowerX Electricity + Lifetime Access

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View your home’s electricity use in a new way with PowerX Electricity. Our power monitor attaches to your current electrical panel to identify and monitor the different electric appliances in your home, detect appliances that need maintenance, pinpoint inefficiencies in use, and provide tailored savings tips that translate into real money back in your pocket. Discover how much your heater, AC, washing machine, and microwave are truly costing you each month and make actionable changes to lessen your carbon footprint and save on utilities with PowerX Electricity.

  • Android and iOS app
  • Web Dashboard
  • Hub unit
  • Power cable
  • PowerX Electricity unit
  • 2 current clamps
  • Wall and Pipe Mount
  • Circuit Breaker Connector cable
Compatible (not included)
  • 2 additional current clamps

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You will receive two devices, the PowerX Electric Panel Controller and the PowerX Hub, which makes connecting to your Wifi a breeze (even if you have no Wifi in your basement)

PowerX Electricity

  • Attaches to your home’s current electrical panel
  • Monitors electricity usage and shows comprehensive data through your customized in-App dashboard (compare electricity use to your neighbors and find ways to become more efficient).
  • AI technology can distinguish the different appliances that use electricity in your home(e.g. AC, dryer, dishwasher)
  • Detect appliances that need maintenance
  • Pinpoint inefficient appliances, and receive tailored saving tips
  • Set goals for utility use and get informed when you meet them
  • Receive tailored saving tips surrounding your home energy use(e.g. if you replace your Fridge with a newer model you will save $124 per year in electricity cost)
  • DIY installation in less than 30 minutes (PowerX Electricity should be installed by an electrician)

PowerX Hub

  • Wifi, LAN and LoRa connectivity
  • Connects PowerX Sensors to Internet
  • Can send and receive data to up to one mile (so no problem if sensors are in the basement and there is no internet)
  • Small and well designed form factor with blue LED PowerX logo
  • USB powered
  • Plug-and-play

PowerX Electricity + Lifetime Access

3 Reviews
  1. I really like the idea of PowerX and this works quite well. PowerX took about 4 weeks to really learn my appliance and be able to tell them apart but once that was done, it actually worked quite well


  2. I didnt know that my old heater used so much energy. With PowerX, I realized that it was worth buying a new one, and now will have a warmer, less-noisy Christmas and a lower energy bill

    Anna M.

  3. I bought PowerX electric to monitor my electricity consumption. Now I know exactly how much energy each electrical device needs. It is also great that the sensor can be placed directly in the fuse box and the signal is still transmitted to the hub without a cable. Super cool.


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