Save real money on your water heating & CO2 emissions with our Smart Water Heater

The plug-and-play wireless water heater that learns what water temperatures you like and heats only as much water as you need.

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Discover the Meaning of Water Heater Control

Powered by a non-invasive sensor that can retrofit your existing water heater within minutes, PowerX Heat reads your heat, electricity or gas usage, and processes that data to present a whole-home view you can't get anywhere else. Compatible with the majority of existing tank-based heaters in homes across America, this smart water heater learns your use cycles, and automatically adjust to heat water around your schedule.

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A Smart Water Heater With
Easy App Control

Our patent-pending wireless water heater works with the PowerX App, providing you with one, easy to use source to control the function of your water heater and track your usage. PowerX Heat’s cutting-edge artificial intelligence automatically adjusts the temperature and heat cycle times of your water heater and shuts off water heating while you are on vacation. For customers that are located in our pilot regions in which we work with utilities, PowerX may even pay you back money earned through load-balancing, saving you up to 30% without loss in comfort.

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Intelligent Water Heating

The pocket-sized PowerX Heat unit allows you to accomplish efficient water heater control. It connects to your existing home water heater in minutes and converts it into smart device. Set it and forget it as the patent-pending AI technology learns your hot water use behavior and adjusts to your schedule.

Save Money, Save Energy

Track your dollars saved in real time through the PowerX App, then see it again on your heating bill.

Reduced Carbon Emissions

Going green gets easy with PowerX Heat. Installing a PowerX unit can save hundreds of pounds of CO2, amounting to what several fully grown trees absorb. By installing this one product, you are working towards making our world a more environmentally friendly place.

Save on Water Heating today!

Take control of your energy and heat use

PowerX Water Heater Controller

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Automatically save money on water heating - for gas & electric heaters

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The PowerX Heat unit can help you save a lot of money each year by selecting more efficient heat ranges and cycle time, and by providing you with the capability to fully shut off your water heater when you are away. Couple it with the PowerX Water and PowerX Electricity units to receive an All-In-One package that truly makes your home more affordable and environmentally friendly. Our patent-pending sensors collect electricity, heat and water data over 1 million times each second, while machine learning uses that data to determine which device spends most energy or water. PowerX is built for constant improvement so sensors learn and improve every day. Discover more in the video.


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