Home Electrical Monitoring Gets Smart

PowerX Electricity is a smart electrical panel that monitors your home's electric use to help you save money,
know which appliances are currently running,
and even avoid disaster.

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Understand Your Electricity Use

Powered by a power monitor that installs in your electric panel, PowerX Electricity reads your electrical current every second and processes that data to present a whole-home view that is unique to you!

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A Smart Electrical Panel
Controlled By One App

PowerX Electricity’s home electrical monitoring system uses machine learning to identify which appliances use the most energy in your home through an external magnetic pulse sensor. This smart electrical panel identifies appliances through their electrical signature and provides you with useful recommendations through the easy to use an app that help you save money while lowering your carbon footprint.

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How does PowerX save money?

PowerX Electricity is a smart electrical panel that tracks your overall electric usage in real-time and knows which devices are running. When used with the PowerX Suite (PowerX Water and PowerX Heat), this power monitor can pinpoint how much appliances cost you, how efficiently they are running, and provide you with tailored savings tips.

How does PowerX know which devices are on and how I can save money?

PowerX Electricity's home electrical monitoring system uses machine learning to understand which devices are currently running. Everyday use allows this power monitor to collect data that builds an understanding of your unique utility consumption patterns, which is used to provide insights that improve the performance of your home. For example, with the PowerX Suite installed, turning on your washing machine will activate your PowerX Electricity and PowerX Water monitors. These devices will register an increase in electricity and water usage at the same time, pinpointing your washing machine as the center for this activity, and tracking its performance. PowerX takes these insights and provides you with actionable steps to help reduce the amount of energy you are using, which in turn reduces the cost of your utility bill each month, saving you real money.

How does PowerX know about appliance efficiency or avoid disaster?

PowerX technology compares your overall electric usage with other homes in your region. This smart electrical panel can also compare the efficiency of your appliances against the PowerX database and determine how you home is preforming compared to similar properties. Curious how this work? Lets look at your home fridge. Say your fridge draws between 5-6 kWh per day, which is three times the average consumption of a typical fridge. There is a high possibility you have inefficiencies regarding this appliance. PowerX Electricity is able to pick up on these inefficiencies through its home electrical monitoring system and will provide you with recommended changes or appliance updates that will help you save money over the long run. PowerX Electricity can also recognize erratic changes in your energy load and send you real-time updates through the app notifying you that something irregular is occuring. Discovering these irregularities when they occur can alert you to potential issues and allow you to address the cause of the problem before it becomes a disaster.

Save Money on Electricity!

Take control of your energy use with this power monitor.


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The PowerX suite of sensors collect electricity, heat, and water data over 1 million times each second, while machine learning uses that data to determine which devices are costing you the most. PowerX is built for constant improvement. Our suite of sensors learn and improve every day, saving you money and helping you to lessen your carbon footprint.


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